Product Application

At Tracey Thread Grinding, we specialize in thread milled and thread ground worms and worm shafts. All of our equipment is capable of producing high quality worms and worm shafts. Now with the addition of our Drake TE-LM 200 1M Thread Grinder, we are able to expand the types of forms that we grind to include: Acme, Whitworth, Gothic Arch, "J" threads, lead and ball screws.

Our Drake allows us to custom form the grinding wheel to almost any shape required. The wheel form is generated by the control and a precision diamond roll. No more dressing a wheel by hand. As a result, your shape, including precision radii or chamfers at the root and/or tooth tip are not a problem.

The level of accuracy on the Drake is second to none. Older machines use change gears and scales that can introduce error into your part. The axes on the Drake are driven by precision magnets and monitored by precision scales ensuring accurate helix angles, leads, and tooth form. The constant precision wheel dressing guarantees consistent, precision thread ground worms and worm shafts.

In addition to our thread milling and thread grinding capabilities, we are able to machine your mating parts. By manufacturing your precision thread ground worm and mating worm gear, we can produce a mating set that has the proper contact ensuring the highest quality set.

If you are in need of any sort of threading, please contact Tracey Thread Grinding today for all of your thread milled and thread ground worms and worm shafts needs. Put our equipment to work for you.