Our Capabilities

Tracey Thread Grinding has a number of thread grinding capabilities that can be applied to your products or produced in house. As a full service thread grinding company our expertise, quality, and quick turnaround times make us one of the best resources in the US. Some of our thread grinding capabilities are:

  • 1M (39.4") between centers
  • 300mm (12") maximum OD
  • 1M (39.4") maximum length of thread *
  • 35° lead angle **
  • Multiple starts, any thread form or lead

At Tracey Thread Grinding we are much more than just thread grinding. We also have the capabilities to perform thread milling. Thread milling is another method to machine a form (worm, thread, etc) by using a set dimension high speed steel cutting tool. Grinding is much more flexible. Material removal in grinding is accomplished by using an abrasive wheel. Our machine is capable of precisely shaping the wheel to generate almost any form required . Our thread grinding and thread milling capabilities include:

  • 3M (120") between centers
  • 300mm (12") maximum OD
  • 1000mm (39.3") maximum length of thread ***
  • 35° lead angle

If you find yourself in need of either Thread Milling or Thread Grinding, please do not hesitate to contact our company today.

*We are capable of grinding up to 1M (39.4") of thread in certain situations with minimal fixturing interference issues.

**We are capable of 90° RH & LH, however, at lead angles greater than ±35° machine specifications become dependent on tooling, part and wheel diameter, coolant delivery, and other fixturing interference issues.

*** In ideal conditions